Monday, August 21, 2006

Patriarchy Rising!

It was in reading Biblical Faith and Fathering: Why We Call God "Father," by John W. Miller, that I was awakened to the idea that patriarchy is not a relic of ancient cultures now withering under the crush of progress, but rather patriarchy is still in its ascendancy as the vital, organizing principle of family and society. In a playful act of expression and provocation during the mid-ninties, I even wore a teeshirt around my politically correct, California town that sported the title of this blog entry. It has been said that men lead...period. They may lead poorly, they may lead well, but they cannot not lead. Certainly there have been the likes of Joan of Arc and Margaret Thatcher. And there may, indeed, be interesting analyses in these particular cases for future exploration. Suffice it to say that it is rare for women to exert charismatic authority.

In this present era, women may--by force of governmental violence--assert positional authority. They may have the government assist them in bullying their way into pulpits, up military ranks, onto hiring committees at universities and onto boards of trustees. In caricature form, with the threat of charging spousal emotional abuse, wives--swelling with "attitude" and succumbing to the sentiments of their own "uppity women" bumper stickers--have reduced potentially achieving, well-organized husbands to cow-towing, suppliant, lawn boys. The policeman stands at the door to ensure enforcement.

Even the noblest of men are somehow smeared with the suspicion of becoming a wife-beater at just about any moment. Men are taught early in life to distance themselves from any confident masculinity lest they be unjustly associated with the image of a drunken, insecure shouter with bloody knuckles and a dirty athletic undershirt. This has been the pattern in the West for the better part of a century. No institution has been unaffected: homes, churches, business, journalism, entertainment, the military, medicine and education. In reality, the most degenerate males are those who live for promiscuous, extramarital orgasms and who are more than happy to play along with the liberated girls' clamor for more and better contraception. As the consequences of the disordered sexuality and sex roles roll across the nation destroying lives, children's hopes and multitudes of souls in its path, the burden of guilt will simply redound onto the noblest of men, not the cads. As girls who "just want to have fun" reap the consequences of their folly with these emasculated rakes, it will not be the perpetrators who get the blame, but the hard-working, church-going, family men who tried to warn of the hazards ahead.

In this period of enforced feminist ideology, we have witnessed the devaluation of marital indissolubility, a vicious anti-natality, the denigration of child-rearing, an emasculation of the military, a weakened sense of national sovereignty, the loss of industry and enterprise as a distributed good across social classes, and--now--the invitation to destruction by Islamic invaders. There is a sound and reliable reason why we call love of one's country "patriotism." That notion of lineage and its association with fathering speaks of the dynamic role that men (pater, father), not women, play in the ongoing building and rebuilding of a nation. (Women and mothers are complimentarily equivalent to men and fathers, but this is yet another essay.) Like the skin and tissues of a healthy body, a nation requires the constant rejuvenating work of maintenance, adaptation and wound repair. Old industries and infrastructure must be dismantled and new ones erected. It is analogous to metabolism in the body in critical ways. It is men who do, and must do, this aggressive work. It is men who drive the exploration and development of new industries. It is primarily men who do the defensive work. It is men who willingly endure the most severe risks, perhaps because of a deep structure that cannot be separated from their relative dispensability to the early family unit. This work of maintaining national integrity and growth is aggressive because it is an assault on an unforgiving, hostile, weed-filled, entropic and unpredictable nature, secretive in its mechanisms, and which bears not one bit of motherly care for humans and their needs.

In human males, the outward projection of the organ of generation is an apt symbol of the relationship of the male towards the environment. He penetrates the world and acts upon it and in it. Watch young men, especially in the strength of their youth. There is nothing they like more than squirting, throwing and shooting. Project, eject, inject, these are the operative modes. Ballistics, guns and balls, these are the objects of their world in one form or another. In my classes and labs during informal times, I was never at a loss for opportunities to see a male student turn, aim and toss crumpled paper in the waste can. No, I did not attempt to correct what is right and fitting.

He can be guilty of rape at his worst, but of love, fruitfulness and care-filled generation at his best--especially when trained--and especially by other, virtuous and mature men. Regardless of the quality of the act, the male acts with volition. If it cannot be initiated in his mind, he can be neither guilty nor causative of sexual penetration. Females can invite, or flirt, or seduce. They can offer, entice, foster and yield--or not. They can, tragically in every case when it occurs, be forcibly overcome. In all instances, men will the act. In only most instances, women will the invitation.

Because of the crafty designs of a few, the channels of communication, education and entertainment have been placed in the service of oft repeated lies contrary to the true nature of sexual roles, and I am not talking about who pushes the vacuum sweeper. I taught in a high school bemused by serious falsities concerning girls and boys. A poster placed on a laboratory door behind my lecture bench coaxed girls, not boys, to achieve in math and science. Social engineering projects, typified by such "girls-kick-ass" re-education campaigns, resulted in a several, notable cases in the 1990s of boys finding expression (for their inarticulate anger at being neglected) by committing mass murder at their schools. Big-lie projects always, whether during Hitlerian or Clintonian times, result in turbulent, evil consequences before correction can be effected.

The character of American business has been changed, but hardly by the consent of the people. Rather than the era of raw industrial might, this enormous economy (its size we are reminded of frequently) is a service economy of hamburger sellers. The gutsy masculine themes of building, mining, fishing, lumbering, and manufacturing have been replaced with feminine nurturance and food service. Barrier to entry in creative economic sectors are great for the average man. I wonder if an H.J. Heinz could peddle his pickles in East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh were he alive today. I will leave it to others to debate the motherly, nutritive quality of a hamburger-based economy.

Now we face an enemy in the form of Islam. Theirs is a religious war, thus, a religious war it is. Our president's dancing around this point will not make the point go away. Further, though we did not chose this war, we did invite it. We did not invite it as the Leftists say, because of oil, or our support for Israel, or because we want to create colonies. We invited it through our cultural weaknesses, particularly our devaluation of--even war against--manhood and its aim: loving procreation and nation-building. The disease of male irresponsibility expresses itself in infatuations with infantile entertainments and obsessive distractions with meaningless sports. Our men have become pathetically addicted to contraception with the attendant loss of moral character in the face of practical difficulty and challenges to their leadership at home and in the public square. In trading many sons and daughters in their quiver for the consumer goods that disposable income can purchase, these capon-like men dillydally with passive consumption of televised games, frivolous pastimes, infidelities and the limitless feeding of their most base appetites rather than growing, educating and caring for sizeable families. Thus, while a darkening storm approaches, the West wallows further in what is, through another facet, seen to be a condom economy. (More on condom economics in an upcoming post.) With no doubt, Islam has found this opportune to time to attack because the Western male has permitted himself to be castrated and is lovin' it (he thinks).

Two or three years ago, in Germany, there was a bizarre case of a man that answered an internet invitation by a cannibal to be killed and eaten. The willing victim even dined, along with the cannibal, on his own amputated and castrated genitalia prepared in a soup before submitting himself to being murdered. This seems to image what the West is engaging in on a grander scale. Islam is nothing more than the horrid reflection of the West's self-inflicted inadequacies, perversions and sloth. In shamefully abdicating his role as leader in all spheres, the Western male proves himself to be the worst enemy of women by his dereliction of duty in providing complementary--but different--environments in which women may achieve genuine intellectual, political and spiritual fulfillment--as women.

The fact that Islam is not a categorical equivalent to Christianity, with its precedent Judaism, bodes well for the eventual success of the West over Islam. A systems theory self-correction in the West is destined to put Islam into retreat as it did before. Even if this correction could be imagined to fail, a fancifully victorious Islam might be predicted to implode because of lack of mooring in reality and rationality. This inevitable victory by the West will only come, however, not by denigrating Islamic terrorists as cowards (which is not really believable), but by full engagement with an enemy recognized to be--as it is--formidable. Only in this way can the time of unimaginable suffering be shortened. The enemy is fearsome because we have made him so through our inattention to what is right and good, and his defeat will not come about by an easy process of reverse-wishing him away. The West created a resurgent Islam by its infidelity to its Christianity and the consequent abuse of its own masculinity. In Islam, "we have met the enemy," but unlike Pogo's pithy epiphany, he is not us, but rather the template of us--telling us of our defects in opposite relief. Put another way, Islam is a photonegative of our own evils.

Again, make no mistake, Islam is no mirage in the sand, but is a real threat and it must now be confronted and defeated forcefully because we must also defeat what was ill with us. Yes, the problem was originally internal, but now it has transformed itself into a real monster which has been thrown "out there." Sure, Islam had its inception in a heretical theology centuries ago. Nevertheless, we, the West, especially America and Europe, have ourselves to blame for the lesson we must endure en route to defeating this monster who is largely--if not originally of our own creation--at least now of our own nurturing. Let's get it over with sooner rather than later. In the aftermath we will discover that Western, Christian patriarchy had progressed to its next developmental stage, and all of this by defeating Islam and its brutal mockery of genuine patriarchy in the making.


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